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How Lauren can help you

There's a reason you're frustrated:

there are no best practices, only what’s best for you.
Lauren will carve the right path for your business from her full array

of digital marketing services. 

Your custom solution might include: 

-    Marketing strategy
-    Audience development 
-    Social media content
-    Social ads
-    Influencer marketing
-    Social analytics
-    Social training, staffing, support and supervision
-    Engagement and moderation
-    Social customer service
-    Private community building and management
-    Mentoring and training
-    Growth
-    Email marketing
-    Content creation
-    Video production
-    Graphic design
-    Website development
-    SEO/SEM
-    Mobile Marketing (SMS + Apps)
-    Consulting and guidance
-    Tools and processes
-    Crisis management and repair

Reach out to Lauren to find out what services are right for you. 

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Complicated marketing problems demand experience and human connection.


We promise that all your visuals and copy are created with heart by our very human team.

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