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There's a reason you're frustrated: there are no best practices, only what’s best for you.


Lauren will carve the right path for your business- and empower you to follow it yourself.


Everyone throws around the word ‘strategy’- so let’s get clear here:


You have business goals, Lauren teaches you exactly how to meet them.


Social content? Facebook ads? Influencer? Analytics? 

We got you. 

Lauren and her team offer a full array of social media marketing services.

How Lauren can help you

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Have you seen your marketing results flatline lately?

Have a digital team that just isn’t getting results?

Is social media a thorn in your (or everybody's) side?

When you work with Lauren on a custom corporate marketing strategy, you will notice that:

  • ​Your customers will start to love your brand. You might even become their favorite.

  • Your social channels are posting gorgeous, informative, and compelling content

  • Followers, reach, engagement, loyalty, traffic, and revenue have all increased          

  • You and your team feel solid about digital marketing and are ready to scale

Let's get your company thriving online. 


As your hands-on marketing mentor, Lauren will...

  • Transform your social media and your relationship to digital marketing.

  • Leave you with a sense of marketing mastery. You’ll know exactly what to do and why you’re doing it. You might even enjoy it. 

  • Improve the future of your business, not just your sanity around social media. 

This program is:

  • perfect for small business owners or entrepreneurs

  • An easy-to-follow, fully custom strategy for your business.

  • comprised of weekly one-on-one sessions with homework over the course of 3 months

Lauren makes social media easy and clear for you. 


Agency Services

We offer the following done-for-you services:

  • Social media content and management

  • Social media ads

  • Influencer marketing

  • Analysis and Optimization


Starting at $2500/month

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