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Forget the funnel.
Your brand is a beehive. 

Lauren helps you replace your leaky, dated funnel with a marketing beehive- the secret to winning at the new rules of online marketing.

Happy Customers = Marketing Magic

Imagine if your digital marketing....

  • Made sense

  • Was delightful, not stressful

  • Recruited new customers

  • Drove revenue


When you work with Lauren, you get a
truly hands-on, custom path to success

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The consumer journey

is not a straight line.

Consumers have changed. Has your marketing? If you're still using a funnel to visualize your customer journey, you're being left in the dust by the new reality of customer-first marketing.

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"Working with Lauren has been a revelation."

  Ready to have your marketing mind blown?

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The pillars of truly

modern marketing:

Lauren not only builds your online empire, but 
makes it all make sense, 
whether you're an entrepreneur or Fortune 500 company.


  1. Lauren listens –  the data and the consumer tell your story

  2. Lauren strategizes – your custom plan pulls from Lauren’s 20 years experience

  3. We implement – we practice as a team to build habits that last

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