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website header 2024 3.png
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Arrgh! Not again.

You open your analytics and your heart sinks. No one saw your post. You’re not even breaking even on your Instagram ads. Your traffic is tanking. Your agency doesn’t get you- you’re just too complicated.


You hate social media.


This digital marketing thing might work for other people, but it’s just not going to work for you.

Have Hope

Today is the last day

you have to feel this frustrated.


If your marketing troubles feel insurmountable, you’ve come to the right woman. In her 25 years as a marketer, Lauren Kozak has worked on over 100 brands and seen it all. There is no digital marketing challenge she can’t overcome.


In fact, challenging brands are Lauren’s specialty.

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Happy Customers = Marketing Magic

Imagine if your digital marketing....

  • Made sense

  • Was delightful, not stressful

  • Recruited new customers

  • Drove revenue


When you work with Lauren, you get a
truly hands-on, custom path to success

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"Working with Lauren has been a revelation."

  Ready to have your marketing mind blown?

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